Schüngels Photo Page 5

15th Cartier polo world cup on snow - St. Moritz

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At the end of january, the polo world cup on snow is carried out each year in St. Moritz, switzerland. The event takes place on the frozen lake the town overlooks. These pictures show the first game of the cup, Bank Hofmann Team vs. Cartier Team, at the 29th of january 1999. All images were taken with a Yashica FX-3 on Kodak Elite Chrome 100 film, with a Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2.8/135mm lens unless otherwise noted.
"Polo on snow is like icehockey on horseback." The Bank Hofmann Team in dark blue clothing dominated the first chukka clearly.
After a short while, the Cartier Royal County of Berkshire team (in red) played more powerful causing the Bank Hofmann Buenos Aires team to fall behind.
"There's a ball there somewhere guys .."
The best player of the Cartier team, Alejandro "Piki" Diaz-Alberdi, showed excellent polo according to his personal handicap of 9.
The ball used on snow is made of plastic and three to four times larger than the wooden ball used on grass.
The Cartier Team won the Niarchos Trophy finally with 10:6. But they did not manage to win the World Cup: Two days later, the Pommery Ghantoot Abu Dhabi team won over the Cartier team scoring 4:3 goals. Image taken with Carl Zeiss Distagon 2.8/35mm lens.