Ph. D. research topic of Franz-Manfred Schüngel 

at the Universität Göttingen

August 1996 - December 1999

    Acepentalene (C10H6) is a highly strained, antiaromatic hydrocarbon.  Although the idea of synthesizing it by intro- ducing  two  additional  double  bonds into the triquinacene  (C10H10)  molecule was already published in the 60's by Woodward along with his triquinacene synthesis,[1] it consistently slipped through the hands of more[2] or less[3] skilled chemists  like  a  wet  soap  in  the  shower. After more than 30 years at least the existence of acepentalene could be proven,[4] but a (matrix) isolation of the compound is still elusive.[5]  My results on the topic were somewhat diminished by the fact that I did not work on the field of expensive useless polymers. 
Literature and remarks:
[1]   R. B. Woodward, T. Fukunaga, R. C. Kelly, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 1964, 86, 3162. 
[2]   I will not give any names here. 
[3]   And here even less! 
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[5]   Elusive means: No literature yet!
If you are interested in the topic check my publications:
R. Haag, F.-M. Schüngel, B. Ohlhorst, T. Lendvai, H. Butenschön, T. Clark, M. Noltemeyer, T. Haumann, 
     R. Boese, A. de Meijere, Chem. Eur. J. 1998, 4, 1192-1200. 
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Franz-Manfred Schüngel 
Auf dem Wege zum Acepentalen: Das Radikal-Anion 
ISBN 3-89712-830-6

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