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    I recently studied chemistry at the  Georg-August Universität in Göttingen, where I worked on the field of strained hydrocarbons,  in the corner where acepentalene should grow (but didn’t). I am interested in photography, motorbikes (especially my Honda Transalp) and karate. I also have some other interests and many opinions I am sure nobody is interested in. 

    In case you wish to contact me by phone or you need my adress, click here or send email.

    I am member of the Minolta System Club and of Transalp-Freunde Deutschland e.V.

     That was me, some 30 years ago – 
      but already holding a light meter

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Photography stuff:
    Photo Gallery
    Photo links
    foto-net (german) (in preparation) 
    Russian/Ukrainian medium format SLRs
    Adding a depth of field-preview to a Yashica FX-3

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